MoneyGram Logo MoneyGram company has joined the network of U.S. payment centers ZipZap. Today the owners of MoneyGram are Viad Corp. and Travelers Express Company Inc. After 10 minutes of data entry about the transfer into the system money are available for obtaining anywhere in the world, irrespective of which country and city they were sent, which greatly facilitates the the process of obtaining of money transfer, if for some reason the recipient is in a different from the specified by the sender location. MoneyGram - young system: it was organized by the U.S. company MoneyGram International Limited in 1988 as an alternative to a system of money transfers, Western Union. MoneyGram services are especially necessary if you need provide material assistance to a relative, friend, fellow worker, located in another country, for medical treatment or other purposes. MoneyGram - a rapidly growing company, which occupies one of the leading positions in international money transfers. The sender has the opportunity for a few minutes to transfer funds anywhere in the world where there are service points of the company MoneyGram.

MoneyGram - Location of Branches in Baguio city - Philippines