Money Transfer Systems.

Everyone at least once in a lifetime faced with the need to send cash to someone, or to get money for yourself from someone, who is in another city. Situations, in which such a need arises, can be of a great number: it is necessary to return the old debt, or to loan itself, to help financially to relatives or friends, and sometimes it happens that you can remain without money in another city, and even worse - in a foreign country, with no one to borrow. Here is in such situations arises the need to transfer a certain amount of cash as soon as possible from one geographic location to another. Moreover, the urgency in such cases becomes really critical. Quite recently, in order to to transfer the cash there was two options: to use the services of post-office (but only within the state), or ask friends for help, and sometimes not very familiar travelers, traveling to the desired place for you (but during transportation over the border these people could experience very serious complications). Now it has become easier, to transfer money you can by much more reliable ways - with the help of money transfer systems.

There are many different ways of money transfer, each with its own nuances. Here are the most wide spread ways of money transfers, characterized by the reliability, convenience and the cost transfer. What method money transfer to choose - decision is yours.

Money store transfer locations list

You wish to transfer money to Mexico, U.S., Germany, Canada or the UK or any other country? What system of international money transfers to choose? Here you will find a description of the basic systems appropriate for people of different countries. Take advantage of our service of money transfer store locations to quickly find the location of suitable companies and choose the best option, taking into account the rates, terms and reliability of the money transfer system. To find without a problem the money transfer store location we have added option of viewing via GoogleMaps. Our website will provide you the most complete money store transfer locations list all over the world!


Western Union


The system of Western Union - the most well-known international money transfer system, using which a customer doesn't need to open an account, with the most extensive network of locations in over 200 countries worldwide, it offers a reliable, fast and convenient way to transfer money. Western Union has been successfully working with its clients for over 150 years! Money transfer can be made within a couple of minutes in the official service points worldwide, although the transfer of cash from some places may take up to 48 hours. The fee for transfer is collected according to tariffs of Western Union and depends on the amount of money sent.




MoneyGram - a system of international money transfers around the world, providing services for quick and easy money transfer. It has a very wide network of sending and delivery of money in over 190 countries worldwide, working in close collaboration with over 200,000 specially selected agents. MoneyGram provides its services in various well-known banks, travel agencies, gas stations, at currency exchange offices, retail stores, etc. Many of them can offer to the clients extended hours, so a customer can receive or send money at any convenient time.


ria money transfer


Money transfer by RIA performed in more than 110 thousands of correspondent points in 135 countries around the world. The company Ria Financial Services, a member of a group of Euronet, has a wide network of offices and agents in North and Latin America, Europe, and is actively expanding to Asia (especially in the South-East), Africa and Oceania. The advantage of the system is moderate client fees at extremely wide geographical locations of points.


Swift codes


In 1973, in May, 239 banks from 15 European and North American countries created a company SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) in accordance with Belgian law. The purpose of SWIFT company is the research, development and exploitation of resources needed to provide a remote connection, transmission and processing of confidential and private ownership of financial reports. In order to provide correct delivery of messages, all users of SWIFT are supplied with Identity codes (Bank Identifier Codes, BIC), which are addresses on the network (BIC-codes can be obtained not only users of the SWIFT network).